Saturday, September 15, 2012

Royal Profile: HRH Prince Daniel of Sweden

Olof Daniel Westling Bernadotte, Prince of Sweden, was born on 15 September 1973 at Örebro University Hospital.

His parents are Ewa Kristina Westling and Olle Gunnar Westling.

He attended Rabo primary school and Perslunda school in Ockelbo, and later Hammargymnasiet upper secondary school in Sandviken. He graduated from upper secondary school in 1991. Prince Daniel spent many of his summers working, including at a home for the elderly in Ockelbo. After graduating from upper secondary school, Prince Daniel worked again within elderly care in Ockelbo pending his military service. He carried out his military service at I14 in Gävle.

After completion of his military service, Prince Daniel worked for just over a year at a school and recreation centre for children with special needs. Prince Daniel moved to Stockholm in 1994 to study at the Gymnastics Federation's Folk High School. He studied the youth recreation leader programm from 1994-1996, focusing on sport.

Prince Daniel worked for a fitness company while studying at the Gymnastics Federation's Folk High School. After completing his course he began working for the fitness company full-time. In 1997, he began working for his own company as a fitness consultant before opening his own gym, Master Training.In 2006, Prince Daniel started up the company Balance, a gym featuring a new concept, also situated in central Stockholm.

Prince Daniel's two greatest interests are skiing and golf. He is passionate about social issues, health, sport and entrepreneurship, and enjoys going to the theatre. He resides at Haga Palace with his wife, Crown Princess Victoria and daughter Princess Estelle.

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