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Royal Profiles: Emma Tallulah Behn & Ari Behn

Emma Tallulah Behn was born 20 September 2008, the third daughter and youngest child of Princess Märtha Louise of Norway and husband Ari Behn. She has two older sisters, Maud Angelica & Leah Isadora. Her godparents were Marianne Solberg Behn, The Crown Princess of Norway, Princess Alexia of Greece and Denmark, Christian Udnæss, Carl Christian Christensen, Anbjørg Sætre Håtun, and Sigvart Dagsland. She was named after American actress Tallulah Bankhead.

She is the 5th granddchild of Queen Sojna and King Harald. She is 7th in line for the Norweigen Throne after her uncle, two cousins, mother and sisters.
Ari Behn was born 30 September 1972, is an author and husband of Princess Martha Louise of Norway. He is the eldest child of Olav Bjørshol (b. 1952) and Marianne Solberg (b. 1953), and was born in Denmark.

Growing up, he primarily attended Waldorf Schools as both of his parents were Waldorf teachers. He is also baptized in the Christian Community. He holds a bachelor's degree in history & religion from the University of Olso. Today, their school age daughters attend  Bærum Waldorf School in Bærum, Norway. Maud is in her 4th year there, Leah is in her 2nd year. Emma should be joining her sisters next year.

His original surname was Bjørshol. In 1996, he changed his name to Ari Behn when he took his maternal grandmother's maiden name. The name Behn has German origin. He has two younger siblings, Anja Sabrina and Espen, neither of whom use the name Behn. In 2009, it was made public that Behn's de jure paternal grandfather Bjarne Nikolai Bjørshol was not his biological grandfather. Ari Behn's father met his biological father, Terje Erling Ingebrigtsen, for the first time, but Ingebrigtsen died before Ari Behn had a chance to meet him.

He has achieved immediate literary success with his first collection of short stories, which received several good reviews and has sold more than 100,000 copies. He subsequently published two novels; however, the reviews of these works were less positive.

Together with his wife, Princess Märtha, he has written a book about their wedding in 2002. With his wife, they have three daughters, Maud Angelica, Leah Isadora & Emma Tallulah Behn.

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