Sunday, October 21, 2012

Queen Sofia Visits Bolvia

Day 1 (October 17)

Upon her arrival in Bolivia, Queen Sofia met with Bolivian President, Mr. Juan Evo Morales, at Casa de Gobierno (Government House) {Photo}{Photos}{Source}.

The Queen of Spain also visited the Museo Nacional de Arte de Bolivia {Source}.

Day 2 (October 18)

She met with Spanish aid workers {Source}, visited the public school, "España" in El Alto; visisted the ruins of the ancient city Tiwanaku {Source}, attended the official opening of the Cultural Center of Spain in La Paz {Photo}{Photos} and took a trip to Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Day 3 (October 19)

Queen Sofia met with the governor of Santa Cruz de la Sierra{Photo}{Photo}. She also visited the rehabilitation center of a Jesuit sanctuary and visited a school workshop.

Day 4 (October 20)

The Queen of Spain spent her day visiting an occupational training center for disabled youth, attened the opening of  a water treatment and sewage project that was funded by the Spanish Cooperation Fund for Water & Sanitation {Source}.

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