Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wedding of The Hereditary Grand Duke & Grand Duchess of Luxembourg: A Recap!

Day 1 (October 19)

The Hereditary Grand Duke & Countess Stephanie de Lannoy spent the morning visiting and celebrating with local youth groups and people who share their birthdays before their afternoon civil wedding service. After the civil ceremony, the Hereditary Grand Duke and Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg did a walk about while walking back to the palace, greeting the public, especially the children.

Reception prior to the service (Photos)
Arrival at Town Hall for the Ceremony (Photos)
Civil Wedding (Photos)
Civil Wedding (Photos)
Civil Wedding (VIDEO)
Gala Dinner Post Civil Wedding (Photos)
Gala Dinner (Video)

Day 2 (October 20)

Guest Arrivals (Photos)
Bride's Arrival (Photos)
Wedding (Video)
Wedding (Video)

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