Friday, December 5, 2014

BREAKING: Royal Profile: Queen Fabiola of Belgium

Doña Fabiola Fernanda Maria de las Victorias Antonia Adelaïda de Mora y Aragón was born 11 June 1928, the third daughter of Don Gonzalo Mora FernandezRiera del Olmo, Comte de Mora, Marquis de Casa Riera and Doña Blanca de Aragón y Carrillo de Albornoz, Barroeta-Aldamar y Elio {Source}.

As a youth, she was concerned with many social and cultural issues{Source}. Upon completing her peliminary studies, she trained as a nurse, and then worked in a hospital in Madrid {Source}.

The former Queen's native tongue was Spainsh, but she also spoke French, Dutch, English, German and Italian {Source}.

On 15 December 1960, she became the wife of King Baudouin of Belgium {Source}. Together, they never had any children, in spite of trying five times, only to have them end in miscarriages {Source}. When her mother-in-law, Queen Elisabeth, died in 1965, she undertook many of her duties, such as High Protection the charity which organizes the Queen Elisasabeth of Belgium International Music Competition, which she is honorary president {Source}. Shortly after her husband died in July 1993, she became president of the King Baudouin Foundation {Source}. She devoted her time to the social aspects of Belgium, especially working with youth and children {Source}. She worked closely with Queen Fabiola Fund for Mental Health, which supports those with mental issues and disabilities {Source}. Her charity Les Oeuvres de la Reine Fabiola enables her to support various socially useful projects serving as an example, and to help persons in difficulty {Source}. In February 1992, she chaired the Summit on Economic Progress of Rural Women {Source}.

She and King Baudouin never had any children of their own, so with his death in July 1993, his younger brother succeeded King Baudouin{Source}.

In recent years, she made several appearances on behalf of her nephew and with the Royal Family. Some of her major events in 2003 were her nephew Laurent's wedding to Claire Combs {Photos}, the family's summer photo opportunity {Photos} and Belgium's National Day {Photos}. Some of her major events in 2004 were the wedding of Prince Felipe of Asturias {Photos}, her nephew's 70th birthday {Photos} Belgium's National Day {Photos}, among other events. As her age advanced, she didn't really back down on royal appearances, however, I think recent times have gotten to be difficult health-wise for the former Queen as so far her appearances have decreased, and when she has appeared, she's mostly been confined to a wheel chair (Forexample, the 2013 Queen Elisabeth's Competition finals). Her last formal appearance was at the 20th anniversary mass of the death of her husband in June 2013 {Photos}

In January 2013, it was announced that her government allowance would be slashed almost in half due to accusations of attempted tax evasions {Source}.

Queen Fabiola died at Stuyvenbergh Castle on 5 December 2014 {Source}.

Update 6 December 2014:
Queen Fabiola's funeral service will take place on 12 December 2014 at 10 AM Belgium Time at the Cathedral of St. Michael in Brussels {Source}. I suspect that the entire Belgian Royal Family will be in attendance, and maybe a few other royals.

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