Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Royal Profile:Edward Edmund Maximilian George Windsor, Lord Downpatrick

Edward Edmund Maximilian George Windsor, Lord Downpatrick was born 2 December 1988 as the only son and heir-apparent of George Windsor, The Earl of St Andrews, and Sylvana Windsor, The Countess of St Andrews {Source}.

He was named for:
  • Edward: His paternal grandfather, The Duke of Kent
  • Edmund: likely a name his parents liked
  • Maximilian: his maternal grandfather
  • George: his father
One of his godparents was Diana, Princess of Wales {Source}.

He grew up normally in Cambridge, England. He attended Eton College before moving on to Oxford University, Keble College, where he read Modern Languages, specializing in French and German {Source}

At the age of 15, he decided to convert to Roman Catholicism, following the example of his grandmother and mother. In doing so, he renounced his succession rights, however, with the new laws in place in the coming years, he will regain his distant place in line for the throne.

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