Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Royal Profile:Princess Léa of Belgium

Princess Léa of Belgium was born 2 December 1951 as the daughter of Sigismund Wolman and Lisa Bornstein {Source}.

Prior to her marriage to Prince Alexandre of Belgium, she was married twice and had two children. She was married to Serge Spetschinsky from 1975-1980, they had a daughter together, named Laetitia, and now have two grandsons {Source}. In 1982, she married Robert Bichara, and had a son, Renaud Bichara in 1983 {Source}. She met Prince Alexandre of Belgium through Belgium's former defense minister Léon Mundeleer in 1986{Source}.  After dating for several years, they were married on 14 March 1991, however their marriage was kept secret due to his mother's disapproval until  1998{Source}. 

Although the royal title of "Princess" is prefixed to her name occasionally, as for other females who have married into the royal family, this style is not used at the Belgian court nor by the government, and she is otherwise referred to as "Princess Alexandre of Belgium". She explained in a May 2008 interview with Point de Vue, that "[on] 2 December 1991, a royal decree declared that henceforth the title of Prince or Princess of Belgium would no longer be transmitted by marriage, but would be created by royal decree. We have no regrets, no rancor." They had no children together.

In 2008 she published a book of photographs from the life of her husband and his family, titled Le Prince Alexandre de Belgique, because she felt that he was too little-known in Belgium.

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