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Royal Profile: Princess Alexandra of Hanover

Princess Alexandra Charlotte Ulrike Maryam Virginia of Hanover was born 20 July 1999 in Vöcklabruck, Upper Austria the only child of Prince Ernest August of Hanover and his second wife, Princess Caroline of Hanover{Source}. She has a host of much older siblings{Source}{Source}:

  1. Prince Ernest August of Hanover (1983), from her father's 1st marriage, who had just has his 16th birthday
  2. Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi (1984), from her mother's 2nd marriage, who had recently celebrated his 15th birthday
  3. Prince Christian of Hanover (1985), from her father's 1st marriage, who had recently celebrated his 14th birthday at the time of her birth
  4. Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi (1986), from her mother's 2nd marriage, who was about to celebrate her 13th birthday when Princess Alexandra was born
  5. Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi (1987), from her mother's 2nd marriage, who would celebrate his 12th birthday in just a few short weeks after her birth.

Princess Alexandra was christened on 19 September 1999, in a ceremony at her father's hunting lodge Auerbach, near Grünau im Almtal, Upper Austria.

The princess's godparents are:
  1. Alexandra, Princess of Leiningen (paternal aunt) 
  2. Charlotte Casiraghi(maternal half-sister)
  3. Ulrike Ulmschneider (friend of her parents)
  4. Maryam Sachs (friend of her parents)
  5. Virginia Gallico (friend of her parents, who was also her mother's madame d'honneur for many years)
  6. George Condo (friend of her parents)
  7. Eric Maier (friend of her parents)

Per Hanoverian family tradition, she was named for her six godmothers:
  1. Alexandra: for her paternal aunt
  2. Charlotte: for her half-sister
  3. Ulrike: for her parents' friend
  4. Marym: for her parents' friend
  5. Virginia: for her mother's madame d'honeur

A German-British-Monacan (German/British from her father, Monégasque from her mother. She is referred to as Monacan because she was born outside Monaco to a Monégasque parent) Princess by birth, she grew up in France, about 40km outside Paris. She began attending school in the Le Mée-sur-Seine, France area, before moving back to Monaco with her mother in 2009. In the autumn of 2009, she began attending L'Institut François d’Assise Nicolas Barré, a private Catholic school in Monaco. She recently should have finished 2e (equal to the 10th grade in the US System) this year, and should be beginning 1e (equal to the 11th grade in the US System) this fall.

Being royal and holding multi-princess-ships, the young princess speaks several languages fluently, and is likely in the process of learning more. She is fluent in English, French & German, and could possibly be learning Spanish, Italian, and Monaco's local dialect, lang Monégasque in school. It is said that she speaks English with her father and German-born elder half-brothers, German with her nanny, and French with everyone else.

Until the births of Prince Jacques & Princess Gabriella of Monaco, she was the only grandchild of Prince Rainier III to hold any sort of title, even if her title isn't Monégasque. With the birth of the twins in December 2014, she is in 7th place for the throne of Monaco.

She has a close friend, who is also her second cousin (Princess Caroline is cousins with the girl's namesake and grandmother), Christine Knecht de Massy. The pair can often be seen paling with one another at events involving the whole family, whether it be reading at her uncle's wedding (Christine is the redhead in Green), and attending the 2011 Monaco Global Champions Tour (Princess Alexandra has her back to the camera, with the ponytail). In 2015 so far, she attended the presentation of her little cousins to the publicher little cousin's baptismthe  LGCT Monaco,

The dynamic duo can also be seen promoting their school's (Christine is said to be a year behind Princess Alexandra at L'FANB until she moved to South Africa a few years ago) mathematics and science programs throughout the school and local community.

She is presently 5th in line for the Monégasque throne, after her sister Charlotte. Since she was not raised Catholic, she is 400+ in line for the throne of Great Britain after her two eldest brothers. She is the greatx6 granddaughter of King George III, through King George III's son, Prince Ernest August I of Hanover. In her lineage, she is somehow related to nearly every current reigning monarch.
  1. Queen Elizabeth II: 3rd cousins 2x removed via Queen Victoria and King Christian IX of Denmark
  2. Queen Margareth II: her paternal 3rd cousin 1x removed via Christian IX of Denmark
  3. King Carl XVI Gustaf: her paternal 3rd cousin 2x removed via Queen Victoria
  4. King Harald V:her paternal 3rd cousin 1x removed via Christian IX of Denmark
  5. Grand Duke Henri: her paternal 3rd cousin 1x removed via Christian IX of Denmark
  6. King Philippe: her paternal 3rd cousin 1x removed via Christian IX of Denmark
  7. King Felipe VI: Her paternal 4th cousin via Chrisian IX of Denmark
  8. Prince Albert II: Her maternal uncle

For the most part, she has led a normal childhood of going to school, hanging with friends, going to the beach with her siblings, and the occasional ice skating competitions. With the few exceptions of course, having to appear with the family on Monaco's national day (2002,2004, 2006, 2007), at the circus festival (2003, 2008, 2012), the annual Palace Christmas Party (2009), the annual show jumping competition (2010, 2012), the annual St. Devote Ceremony (2012)and her uncle's 2005 enthronement, and 2011 wedding ceremonies. Plus the occasional intrusion of the paparazzi when walking the streets with her mother!

In recent years, Princess Alexandra has taken to social media-albeit more quietly and discreetly than her Ducuruet cousins. The only one I am 100% aware that she has is instagram (DO NOT ask for her link, my response is NO, even if her account is private), but she likely has other accounts as well.

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