Monday, July 13, 2015

Royal Profile: Princess Maria of Romania

Princess Maria of Romania was born 13 July 1964 as the youngest daughter of King Mihai I and Queen Anne of Romania {Source}. She has four older sisters {Source}:
  1. Crown Princess Margareta (1949)
  2. Princess Elena (1950)
    1. Prince Nicholas (1985)
    2. Elisabeta-Karina Medforth-Mills (1989)
  3. Princess Irina, Mrs. Walker (1953)
    1. Michael Torsten de Roumanie Kreuger(1984)
      1. Kohen de Roumane Kreuger  (2012)
    2. Angelica-Margaretta  de Roumane Kreuger Knight(1986)
      1. Richard Robert Knight
        1. Courtney Bianca Knight (2007)
        2. Diana Knight (2011)
  4. Princess Sophie (1957)
    1. Elisabeta-Maria de Roumanie Biarneix ( 1998)
Princess Maria married Casimir Mystkowski on 16 September 1995{Source}. It is unknown wether or not she and Mr. Mystkowski have any children.

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