Sunday, July 5, 2015

Royal Recap: Princesss Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge's christening

Date: Sunday 5 July 2015
Location: St Mary Magdalene Church

  1. Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge** (duh)
  2. Queen Elizabeth II, her great grandmother
  3. Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, her great-grandfather
  4. The Prince Charles of Wales, her grandfather
  5. Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, her step-grandmother
  6. Mr. Michael Middleton, her grandfather
  7. Mrs. Carole Middleton, her grandmother
  8. Miss Phippa Middleton, her aunt
  9. Mr. James Middleton, her uncle
  10. Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, her father
  11. Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge, her mother
  12. Prince George of Cambridge, her brother
  13. Miss Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, hers and her brother's nanny
  14. Miss Sophie Carter**, friend of her parents
  15. Mr. James Meade, friend of her parents**
  16. Lady Laura Marsham-Meade, friend of her parents
  17. Mr. Adam Middleton**, materal 1st cousin 1x removed
  18. Mrs. Rebeca Poynton-Middleton, maternal 1st cousin-in-law 1x removed
  19. The Hon. Laura Fellowes-Pettman, paternal 1st cousin 1x removed**
  20. Mr. Nick Pettman, paternal 1st cousin-in-law 1x removed
  21. Mr. Thomas van Staubenzee, friend of her fathers**
  22. The Lady Melissa Straubenzee, friend of her parents
Her godparents are:
  1. Miss Sophie Carter, friend of her parents
  2. Mr. James Meade, friend of her parents
  3. Mr. Adam Middleton, materal 1st cousin 1x removed
  4. The Hon. Laura Fellowes-Pettman, paternal 1st cousin 1x removed
  5. Mr. Thomas van Staubenzee, friend of her father's

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