Friday, January 15, 2016

Royal Profile: Prince Philip of Yugoslavia

Prince Philip of Yugoslavia was born 15 January 1982 as the son of Crown Prince Alexander and Princess Maria da Gloria of Orleans Bragança {Source}. He has two brothers{Source}:
  1. Hereditary Prince Peter (1980)
  2. Prince Alexander (1982, twin)
His godparents are{Source}: 
  1. King Constantine II of Greece
  2. Queen of Spain 
  3. The Duchess of Calabria

He grew up in the United States, and Europe. He attended kindergarten in Spain, before moving to England{Source}. In June 2000, Prince Philip graduated from The King’s School Canterbury in England having obtained three “A” levels in Spanish, Politics, and Geography, and ten GCSE’s (General Certificate of Secondary Education) {Source}.Prince Philip graduated from University College London (UCL) with a Bachelor of Arts Honours in Humanities {Source}. After graduation, he worked for Landsbanki and Teather & Greenwood in London, before attending École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) Switzerland {Source}. After graduation from EHL Switzerland, he began working for IKOS in Cyprus, before moving on to work as a global asset manager in London {Source}. Prince Philip speaks English, Spanish and French, and is continuing his Serbian studies{Source}.

Prince Philip enjoys surfing, scuba diving and snowboarding{Source}. He completed the Athens Marathon in 2010 and the Belgrade Half-Marathon in 2011{Source}. Prince Philip is also interested in fine arts, financial markets, music and meteorology{Source}. Before the 5 October 2000 revolution, he traveled to Serbia in 1991 and Bosnia in 2000{Source}. On 17 July 2001 Prince Philip and The Royal Family took up residence in The Royal Palace in Belgrade{Source}. He has traveled throughout Europe, the United States, and has visited the Middle East, Asia, South East Asia, Africa, Central and South America {Source}.

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