Monday, January 4, 2016

Royal Profile: Elisabeta Karina de Roumanie Medforth-Mills

Elisabeta Karina de Roumanie Medforth-Mills was born 4 January 1989, the second child of Princess Elena of Romania and Dr. L. Robin Medforth-Mills {Source}. She has one older brother, Nicholas de Roumanie Medforth-Mills{Source}.

As the Romanian Royal family is defunct, little is known about Elisabeta. Currently, according to the official website of the Royal family, Elisabeta is 3rd in line for succession to the defunct throne after her aunt, and mother {Source}. Her brother's title and succession rights were revoked by their grandfather in 2015 {Source}{Source}.

She was potentially named for Elisabeta Palace (that's the only connection I could find). Her father died when she was barely a teenager, and her mother had remarried a few years earlier.

One of her godparents was British novelist Dame Catherine Cookson, who died when Elisabeta was only 9 years old.

It is likely she grew up fairly normally, even if her grandfather is a deposed king, and her mother and aunts are princesses (Margarita,Sophia, & Maria).

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