Thursday, June 29, 2017

Royal Profile: Prince Aristodes-Stavros of Greece & Denmark

Prince Aristides Stavros of Greece & Denmark was born 29 June 2008 as the youngest child of Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece & Crown Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece{Source}.

He has four older siblings{Source}:

  1. Princess Maria-Olympia (1996)
  2. Prince Constantine Alexios (1998)
  3. Prince Achileas-Andreas(2000)
  4. Prince Odysseus-Kimon (2004)
His baptism was delayed until he was over a year old due to his grandfather being ill. One of his godparents were{Source} {Source}:

When he was 2 years old, he attended the wedding of his uncle Nikolas to Tatiana {Photos}. He is currently 5th in succession for the defunct Greek throne and distantly in succession for the British throne. However, he is not in succession to the Danish throne, even though his great-aunt is the current Queen of Denmark. He attends Wetherby School in England {Photo}

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