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Royal Profile: 42 Facts about Princess Astrid of Belgium, The Archduchess of Austria-Este

  1. Princess Astrid Joséphine-Charlotte Fabrizia Elisabeth Paola Marie of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este was born on 5 June 1962{Source}.
  2. She isthe second child and only daughter of King Albert II and Queen Paola {Source}. 
  3. She has two brothers, and a alleged illegitimate sister:
    1. King Philippe of The Belgians(1960)
    2. Prince Laurent of Belgium (1963)
    3. Jonkvrouw Delphine Boel (1968, alleged)
  4. She is a sister-in-law to:
    1. Queen Mathilde of Belgium (1971)
    2. Princess Claire of Belgium (1974, m. 2003)
  5. Her nieces are:
    1. Princess Elisabeth of Belgium, The Duchess of Brabant (2001)
    2. Princess Eléonore of Belgium (2008)
    3. Princess Louise of Belgium (2004)
    4. Miss Joséphine Boel O'Hare(2003, alleged)
  6. Her nephews are: 
    1. Prince Gabriel of Belgium (2003)
    2. Prince Emmanuel of Belgium (2005)
    3. Prince Nicolas of Belgium (2005, twin)
    4. Prince Aymeric of Belgium (2005, twin)
    5. Master Oscar Boel O'Hare (2008, alleged)
  7. She attended to her education mostly in Belgium {Source}.
  8.  She also studied Art History in The Netherlands {Source}, at the Institute of European Studies in Switzerland {Source} and in the USA {Source}. 
  9. On 22 September 1984. she marred Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este {Source}
  10.  He would become Prince of Belgium by Royal Decree in 1995 {Source}. 
  11. Together, they have two sons{Source}:
    1. Prince Amedeo, Archduke of Austria-Este (1986)
    2. Prince Joachim, Archduke of Austria-Este (1991)
  12. They also have three daughters:
    1. Princess Maria Laura, Archduchess of Austria-Este (1988)
    2. Princess Luisa Maria, Archduchess of Austria-Este (1995)
    3. Princess Laetia Maria, Archduchess of Austria-Este (2003)
  13. She has a daughter-in-law:
    1. Archduchess Elisabetta "Lili" of Austria-Este (1987, m. 2014)
  14. She has a granddaughter:
    1. Archduchess Anna Astrid of Austria-Este (2016)
  15. Over the years, the former Belgian King's only daughter has taken on numerous roles in Belgium. From 1994-2007, she was chairwoman of the Belgian Red Cross {Source}. 
  16. She supports clinical and fundamental research through her role as Chairwoman of the Queen Elisabeth Medical Foundation and the European Organisation on Research and Treatment of Cancer(EORTC), and in that capacity is also a regular visitor to clinics and hospitals {Source}. 
  17. The Princess also often acts as a "Special representative" of the Roll Back Malaria partnership {Source}. 
  18. She also takes an active role in the fight against domestic violence or violence against civilians in war circumstances {Source}. 
  19. She takes an active role with people who various circumstances become marginalized citizens, and can frequently be seen working with and encouraging organizations who offer assistance (such as Special Olympics, organizations that assist the homeless, that sort of thing){Source}.
  20.  In June 2009, she was appointed as a honorary member of the International Paralympic Comittee's Governing Board {Source}. 
  21. In November 1996, she became a member of the Belgian Senate as a senator by right {Source}. 
  22. In 1997, she joined the Belgian Armed Forces as a Colonel in the Medical Unit {Source}.
  23. She was named:
    1. Astrid: for her paternal grandmother, Princess Astrid of Sweden
    2. Joséphine-Charlotte: for her paternal aunt, Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte, who was also her godmother
    3.  Fabrizia: is a small mountain town in Italy (also could be a nod to her godfather and uncle  Fabrizio, Prince Ruffo di Calabria-Santapau, 7th Duke di Guardia Lombarda)
    4.  Elisabeth: for her paternal great grandmother, Duchess Elisabeth in Bavaria
    5.  Paola: for her mother
    6. Marie: traditional Catholic Royal name, for the Virgin Mary.
  24. Her godparents were her maternal uncle and paternal aunt,Fabrizio, Prince Ruffo di Calabria-Santapau, 7th Duke di Guardia Lombarda, and her aunt Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg.
  25. She is a member of the Honorary Board of the International Paralympic Committee.
  26. She shares a birthday with Ludwig Christian Mikael Rosanes af Rosenborg (a distant cousin of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark).
  27. Her astrological sign is Gemini.
  28. Her godchildren are:
    1.  Archduchess Marie-Christine of Austria, The Countess of Limburg-Stirum (1983)
    2. Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg (grandson of her own godmother, 1992) 
    3. Prince Gaston d'Orléans (2009)
  29. She speaks:
    1. French
    2. Dutch
    3. English
  30. Her maternal aunts and uncle are:
    1. Donna Maria Cristina Ruffo di Calabria (1920–2003)
      1. Casimiro San Martino d´Aglie dei Marchesi di San Germano
    2. Donna Laura Ruffo di Calabria (1921-1972)
      1. Bettino, Baron Ricasoli Firidolfi (31th Baron of Brolio)
    3. Fabrizio, Prince Ruffo di Calabria-Santapau, 7th Duke di Guardia Lombarda (1922-2005)
    4. Don Augusto Ruffo di Calabria (1925–1943)
    5. Donna Giovannella Ruffo di Calabria (1927–1941)
    6. Don Antonello Ruffo di Calabria (1930)
      1. Rosa Maria Mastrogiovanni Tasca
  31. Her maternal cousins are:
    1. Emanuela San Martino d'Agliè
    2. Antonella San Martino d'Agliè
    3. Giovanna San Martino d'Aglie (1945)
    4. Nicolo San Martino d'Aglie (1948)
    5. Filippo San Martino d'Agile di San Germano (1953)
    6. Don Fulco, Prince Ruffo di Calabria (1954)
    7. Augusto Ruffo di Calabria (1955)
    8. Imara Ruffo di Calabria (1958)
    9. Umberto Ruffo di Calabria (1960)
    10. Covella Ruffo di Calabria (1962, born in February 1962)
    11. Don Alessandro Ruffo di Calabria (1964)
    12. Lucio Ruffo di Calabria (1964)
    13. Domitilla Ruffo di Calabria (1965)
    14. Claudia Ruffo di Calabria (1969)
    15. Baroness Luisa of Brolio
    16. Baroness Maria Teresa of Brolio
    17. Baron Francesco, Baron Ricasoli Firidolfi (32nd Baron of Brolio)
  32. Through her father, she is related to the Grand Ducal family of Luxembourg.
  33. Through her dad, she is the niece of:
    1. Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg
      1. Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg
    2. King Baudin of The Belgiams
      1. Queen Fabiola of Belgium
    3. Prince Alexandre de Belgique
      1. Princess Lea of Belgium
    4. Princess Marie-Christine of Belgium
      1. Jean-Paul Gourges
    5. Princess Marie-Esméralda of Belgium
      1. Sir Salvador Moncada
  34. Her paternal cousins are:
    1. Princess Marie-Astrid, Archduchess of Austria (1954)
    2. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg (1955)
    3. Prince Jean of Luxembourg (1957, twin)
    4. Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein, Princess of Luxembourg (1957, twin)
    5. Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg (1963)
    6. Miss Alexandra Leopoldine Moncada (1998)
    7. Master Leopoldo Daniel Moncada (2001)
  35. Her maternal cousins' spouses are (both current and former):
    1. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg (1956, m. 1981)
    2. Archduke Carl Christian of Austria (1954, m. 1982)
    3. Hélène Suzanna Vestur (1958, m. 1987-d. before 2009)
    4. Diane, Countess de Nassau (married 2009)
    5. Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg (1968, m. 1994)
  36. Her paternal cousins 1x removed and their spouses are:
    1. Archduchess Marie-Christine of Austria, Countess of Limburg-Stirum (1983)
      1. Count Rodolphe of Limburg-Stirum (1979, m.2008)
    2. Archduke Imre of Austria (1985)
      1. Archduchess Kathleen of Austria (1986,m. 2012)
    3. Archduke Christoph of Austria (1988)
      1. Archduchess Adélaïde of Austria (1989, m. 2012)
    4. Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg (1981)
      1. Princess Stéphanie , Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (1984)
    5. Prince Félix of Luxembourg (1984)
      1. Princess Claire of Luxembourg (1985)
    6. Princess Marie-Gabrielle de Nassau (1986)
      1. Antonius Benedikt Clemens Douglas Emanuel Willms (1988, m. 2017 on her father's and aunt's birthdays)
    7. Prince Louis of Luxembourg (1986)
      1. Tessy Antony, Princess of Luxembourg (1985, m. 2007-2017)
    8. Prince Constantin de Nassau (1988)
    9. Prince Wenceslas de Nassau (1990)
    10. Prince Carl-Johan de  Nassau (1992)
    11. Archduke Alexander of Austria (1990)
    12. Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg (1991)
    13. Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg(1992)
    14. Archduchess Gabriella of Austria (1994)
    15. Prince Paul Louis de Nassau (1998)
    16. Prince Léopold de Nassau (2000)
    17. Princess Charlotte de Nassau (2000)
    18. Prince Jean de Nassau (2004)
  37. Her paternal second cousins are:
    1. Prince Noah de Nassau (2006)
    2. Prince Gabriel de Nassau (2007)
    3. Count Léopold de Limburg-Stirum (2011)
    4. Count Constantin de Limburg-Stirum (2013)
    5. Archduchess Maria-Stella of Austria (2013)
    6. Princess Amalia de Nassau (2014)
    7. Archduchess Katarina of Austria (2014)
    8. Prince Liam de Nassau (2016)
    9. Count Gabriel de Limburg-Stirum (2016)
    10. Archduchess Magdalena of Austria (2016)
  38. She is the daughter-in-law of 
    1. Robert, Archduke of Austria-Este (1915–1996),
    2. Princess Margherita of Savoy-Aosta( 1930)
  39. She is the sister-in-law of:
    1. Archduchess Maria Beatrice of Austria-Este, Countess of Arco-Zinneberg (1954)
      1. Count Riprand of Arco-Zinneberg 
    2. Archduke Gerhard of Austria-Este(1957)
      1. Iris Jandrasits (1961, m. 2015)
    3. Archduke Martin of Austria-Este (1959) 
      1. Princess Katharina of Isenburg
    4. Archduchess Isabella of Austria-Este, Countess Czarnocki-Lucheschi (1963)
      1. Count Andrea Czarnocki-Lucheschi
  40. Through her husband, her nieces are:
    1. Countess Anna Theresa von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1981)
    2. Countess Margherita von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1983)
    3. Countess Olympia von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1988)
    4. Countess Maximiliana Aimée Maria von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1990)
    5. Countess Marie Gabrielle von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1992)
    6. Countess Giorgiana von und zu Arco-Zinneberg (1997)
    7. Maria Anna Czarnocki-Lucheschi (2002)
    8. Archduchess Helene of Austria (2009)
  41. Through her husband, her nephews are:
    1. Archduke Bartholomaeus of Austria (2006)
    2. Archduke Emmanuel of Austria (2008)
    3. Archduke Luigi of Austria (2011)
    4. Alvise Czarnocki-Lucheschi (1999)
    5. Carlo Czarnocki-Lucheschi (2000)
    6. Alessandro Czarnocki-Lucheschi (2004)
    7. She and her niece Eléonore share a "tradtion" in the Belgian Royal Family-both daughters of the monarchs have birthdays either the day before or the day after their father (Eléonore's birthday is 16th of April, King Philippe's is the 15th, King Albert's is the 6th of June)

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