Thursday, March 21, 2013

Royal Profile: Count Claus-Casimir van Oranje-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg

Count Claus-Casimir Bernhard Marius Max van Oranje-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg was born 21 March 2004, the second of three children to Prince Constantijn & Princess Laurentien, and is their only son {Source}. The 7th in line for the Dutch throne has two sisters, Countess Eloise & Countess Leonore.

At the time of his birth, it was not time for celebrations as his great-grandmother, Queen Juliana had died only the day prior to his birth {Source}. When he was barely a month old, the family moved to Belgium{Source}, where the family primarily resides today.

When he was barely 7 months old, he was christened at the chapel of Het Loo Palace {Source}.
His godparents included:

  • Prince Williem-Alexander of Oranje (his paternal uncle)
  • Prince Maurits of Oranje-Nassau, van Vollenhoven (his 1st cousin 1x removed)
  • Ed P. Spanjaard (a Dutch concert pianist)
  • Countess Tatjana Razumovsky von Wigstein (no idea of the connection...)
By Royal Decree of 11 May 2001, nr. 227 it is determined that all children of Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands will bear the title of Count (Countess) of Oranje-Nassau and the honorific Jonkheer (Jonkvrouwe) van Amsberg, and have the surname Van Oranje-Nassau van Amsberg {Source}. The titles are hereditary in male lineage{Source}. As he is her only male grandchild, Claus-Casimir is currently the only one of Queen Beatrix's grandchildren who will be able to pass this title on to his children{Source}.

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