Friday, March 29, 2013

The Crown Princely Couple of Denmark visits Chile

Day 1 (March 10)

They arrived in the capital of Chile accompanied by their business delegation for an official visit with the intentions of "...strengthening trade relations between Denmark & Chile".

Their first stop on their visit was to pay a visit to Quebrada de Macul Park {Source}. During their visit to the park, they trekked through the park and seemed to have a fabulous time. In the evening, the future rulers of Denmark were joined by their business delegation to attend a gala dinner hosted by the Danish Ambassador to Chile {Source}.

Day 2 (March 11)

In the morning, the Crown Princely Couple laid a wreath at the monument "Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins"{Source}. Afterward,the future monarch and his wife visited with Santiago's mayor and were presented with keys to the city {Source}{Photos}. After their meeting with the Mayor of Santiago, they set off for the Presidential Palace, where they met with the president and first lady of Chile {Source}. Before attending to their afternoon activities, they attended an official luncheon with the Foreign Minister of Chile {Source}
After lunch, the future King of Denmark, paid a visit to  Grundfos Industrial Park in Colina and participate in the inauguration of Grundfos Chile's new machine for quality control of centrifugal pumps{Source}.

Day 3 (March 12)

Today, the future monarch and his consort attended to seprate duties.In the morning, the future Danish King visited with representatives  of Danish Companies from the heath care industry at Clinica Alemana, where he took a tour of the children's wing and was introduced to the Danish companies within the sector {Source}{Photos}. Meanwhile, his wife visited a Spanish School with a "Danish" Library, where she met with school children, and distributed copies of books to school children {Source}. After his visit to the hospital, the Crown Prince paid a visit to Isla Negra, the home of poet Pablo Neuda, where he was presented with a publication of Danish-Chiliean poetry and visited the poet's grave {Source}{Photos}. After, Crown Prince Fredrik visited the  Maersk Container Industry Factory  {Source}. After, he met up with his wife to participate in the opening of the Asger Jorn exhibition at the Museo de Bella Artes before they attended a cultural dinner at the Danish Embassy {Source}

Day 4 (March 13)

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the conference on human rights and education at Chilie's Museo de la Memoria {Source}{Photos} Crown Prince Fredrik visited the Museo de Bellas Artes {Photos} and a private hospital {Source}


Day 5 (March 14)

The future King & Queen of Denmark visited the ESO Paranal Observatory {Source}

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