Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Royal Profile: Prince Gabriel de Nassau

Prince Gabriel  de Nassau was born 12 March 2006, as Master  Gabriel Michael Louis Ronny de Nassau, as the eldest and out-of-wedlock son of Prince Louis of Luxembourg and Miss Tessy Antony  in a private hospital in Geneva, Switzerland. He was the 1st born grandson of The Grand Duke & Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

His godparents were his paternal aunt, Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg and his maternal uncle Michael Antony.

He was legitimatized upon the marriage of his parents when he was 6 1/2 months old, however, this did not place him in line for the Luxembourger throne. His father had renounced his and his heirs rights to the throne prior to marrying Prince Gabriel's mother {Source}.

While his parents were both students in London, he resided there with them, often returning to Luxembourg for official events {Source}.

On Luxembourg's National Day 2009, his grandfather granted the title Prince/ss of Luxembourg to the children and perhaps future children of Prince Louis and now Princess Tessy of Luxembourg. Thus, from that day forth, Master Gabriel de Nassau is known as Prince Gabriel of Luxembourg. 

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