Monday, October 24, 2016

Royal Profile: Alexander Windsor, The Earl of Ulster

Alexander Patrick Gregers Richard Windsor, The Earl of Ulster was born 24 October 1974 as the son of The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester{Source}.
He has two younger sisters, two brother-in-laws, two nieces and nephews{Source}:

  1. Lady Davina Lewis (1977)
    1. Mr. Gary Lewis
      1. Miss Senna Kowhai Lewis (2010)
      2. Master Tane Mahuta Lewis (2012)
  2. Lady Rose Gilman (1981)
    1. Mr. George Gilman
      1. Miss Lyla Beatrix Christabel Gilman (2010)
      2. Master Rufus Gilman (2012)

He was baptized in 1975, with one of his godparents being The Prince of Wales{Source}.
At birth he was 9th in the line of succession.Presently,he is 25th in line.

He was educated at Eton College, King's College London, and The Royal Military College, Sandhurst{Source}.

On 14 April 1997, he became a second Lieutenant of the King's Royal Hussars {Source}In 1998, he gained the rank of Lieutenant in the service of the King's Royal Hussars {Source}. He became a Captain and fought in the campaign in Kosovo in 2002{Source}. In addition to serving in Kosovo, he also served in Northern Ireland, and Iraq.

In addition to become a Captain with the King's Royal Hussars and fighting in Kosovo, he got married in 2002. He married Dr. Claire Booth on 22 June 2002 at the Queen's Chapel at St. James's Palace{Source}. Together, they have two children{Source}:
Since leaving the army, he has worked as director of Transnational Crisis Project, and is commonly known as Alex Ulster.

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