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Royal Profile: Countess Josephine af Rosenborg

Countess Josephine Caroline Elisabeth af Rosenborg was born 29 October 1972, one of the twin daughters of Count Christian of Rosenborg and Countess Anne Dorte af Rosenborg {Source}. She has two sisters, a twin and a younger sister, as well as two brothers in law and several nieces and nephews{Source}:

  1. Countess Camilla af Rosenborg (1972)
    1. Mikael Rosanes (m. 1995)
      1. Anastasia Caroline Amalie Rosanes (1997)
      2. Ludwig Christian Mikael Rosanes (2000)
      3. Leopold Christian Ingolf Rosanes (2005)
      4. Theodor Christian John Rosanes (2008)
  2. Countess Feodora Mathilde Helena af Rosenborg (1975)
    1. Eric Hervè Patrice Patte (m.2004-2006, Div)
    2. Morent Rønnow (m. 2008)
      1. Caroline-Mathilde Margareth Rønnow (2009)
Countess Josephine was married on 3 October 1998 to Thomas Christian Schmidt {Source}. Together they have two children {Source}:

  1. Julius Christian Emil Schmidt af Rosenborg (2001)
  2. Clara Dorte Elisabeth Schmidt af Rosenborg (2004)

Due to her father marrying a commoner and him not seeking parliamentary approval, he lost his succession rights to the throne, as did Countess Josephine, her children, and sisters, as well as her nieces and nephews. Therefore, Countess Josephine and her family perform no public functions on behalf of the monarchy. Little is known about her. However, she did attend her father's funeral in May 2013 {Photos}.

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