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Royal Profile: Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein of Jordan

Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein of Jordan was born 11 October 1963 as the son of of King Hussein and Princess Muna {Source}. He has the following siblings, half-siblings, siblings-in-law, and nieces and nephews:
  1. Princess Alia bint Al Hussein of Jordan (1956)
    1. Nasser Wasfi Mirza (m. 1977, div prior to 1988)
      1. Prince Hussein Mirza (1981)
    2. Sayyid Mohammed Al-Saleh (m. 1988)
      1. Talal Al-Saleh (1989)
      2. Abdul Hamid Al-Saleh (1992)
  2. King Abdullah II of Jordan (1962). 
    1. Queen Rania of Jordan (m. 1993)
      1. Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan (1994)
      2. Princess Iman of Jordan (1996)
      3. Princess Salma of Jordan (2000)
      4. Prince Hashem of Jordan(2005)
  3. Princess Aisha bint Hussein (1968).
    1. Mr. Zeid Juma
      1.  Aoun Juma 
      2. Muna Juma
  4. Princess Zein bint Hussein (1968). 
    1. Mr. Majdi Al-Saleh
      1. Jaafar al-Saleh
      2.  Jumana al-Saleh
      3. Tahani Al Shawan
  5. Prince Hamzah bin al Hussein of Jordan (1980)
    1. Princess Noor bint Asem of Jordan (d. 2009)
      1. Princess Haya bint al Hamzah (2007)
    2. Princess Basmah Bani Ahmad bint al Hamzah (m. 2012)
      1. Princess Zein bint Hamzah (2012)
      2. Princess Noor bint Hamzah (2014)
  6. Prince Hashim bin Al-Hussein of Jordan (1981)
    1. Princess Fahdah (m. 2006)
      1. Princess Haalah bint Al Hashim (2007)
      2. Princess Rayet bint Al Hashim (2008)
      3. Princess Fatima Al-Alia bint Al Hashim (2011)
      4. Prince Hussein Haidara bin Hashim (2015)
  7. Princess Iman bint al Hussein (1983)
    1. Mr. Zaid Azmi Mriza
      1. Omar Mirza
  8. Princess Raiyah bint Hussein (1986)
He attended schools in Jordan, United Kingdom and the United States. His early schooling took place in Jordan.  When he was seven years old, he was sent to the United Kingdom to study at St. Edmund's School for a year. At the age of eight, he was sent to the United States, where he attended Bement School and Eaglebrook School and St. Albans School, graduating in 1981. In 1981, he entered Brown University, where he earned a ScB degree in electrical engineering in 1985. During his time at university, he also earned a private pilot's license.

Prince Faisal has also had extensive military training. During his time at Brown Universtiy, he served in the Royal Jordanian Air Force, receiving helicopter training. After graduating Brown, he also received his RJAF wings before undergoing RAF Basic Flying officer training with the Royal Air Force. In 1986, he completed that phase of training  and began Advanced Flying training using jets and recieved his RAF wings in 1987. He also did further flight training with the Tactical Weapons Unit. Upon recieving his training, he served various positions in the Royal Jordanian Air Force. He was promoted to Major General in 2001, and assumed  the senior Air Force post of Chief of Air Staff in 2002. He reached the rank of Lieutenant General in 2004. He is currently Deputy Supreme Commander of the Jordanian Armed Forces.

Prince Faisal married Miss Alia Tabba in August 1987 until April 2008. They have four children together:
Prince Faisal was married to Sara Bassam Kabbani from May 2010-September 2013. He then married Zeina Lubbadeh in January 2014. Together, they have one son:

  • Prince Abdullah bin Faisal (17 February 2016)

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