Sunday, October 23, 2016

Royal Profile: Princess Olga Margarita of Leiningen

Princess Olga Margarita of Leiningen was born 23 October 1984 as the second child and only daughter of Princess Alexandra Irene of Hanover, Princess of Leiningen & Andreas, Prince of Leiningen {Source}. She has two brothers{Source}:
  1. Prince Ferdinand Heinrich Emich Christian Karl of Leiningen (1982)
  2. Prince Hermann of Leiningen  (1986)
She is a maternal niece of Prince Ernest August of Hanover. She is currently distantly in succession for the British throne (125+) through both her parents{Source}.

Due to Hanoverian tradition of naming babies after their godparents, I would predict that mongst her godparents are:
  • Princess Olga of Hanover (maternal aunt)
  • Princess Margarita of Hohenlohe-Oehringen (paternal aunt via marriage, who died the year she was born or she could be named in homage of her)
It's likely safe to say she lives a fairly normal life. She shares a birthday with Princess Mako of Japan.

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